Software Development

I have been writing code for over 15 years now. I started developing software for commercial and residential automation system and this has progressed over the years to web and iOS applications. One of my main goals was to develop an iOS application and release it on the app store. I did this in 2017 with Arrow Tracer and I have had very positive feedback from it.

iOS Archery Application

Arrow Tracer

Arrow Tracer is an Archery application for the iPhone written in Swift. Arrow Tracer has an online component which uses a Firebase NoSQL database.

I wanted to create a modern iOS application for Target archery it had to be simple to use and have an iOS look and feel about it. Arrow Tracer includes some of the following technologies.

  • Core Data Framework
  • Online database of Rounds using firebase
  • Location Tracking with map clustering
  • PDF Creation
  • Arrow Tracer is available on the iOS app store here and more information can be found at

    NodeJS application


    Blaze8 is a web application to display tweets and associated images on TV broadcast system.

    Blaze8 was created so that broadcasters and event managers could display tweets with images on large displays or broadcast systems. Blaze8 would create a HTML5 web page with a selection of tweets that would scroll with their images. This was used during halftime breaks in sporting events.

    Tweets looks and feel can be customised to match a corporate style. Administrators could create auto feeds from hashtags or curate a custom campaign of tweets. Blaze8 was used at several large events but has now been discontinued.

    NodeJS application

    Lighting Control application

    Lighting controller NodeJS application

    This application was written to allow control of a lighting control system via a simple to use web interface. The application uses Bootstrap to create a simple UI. The NodeJS application then talks to the lighting system via telnet. Feedback from the lighting system is updated on the web page dynamically using web sockets.

    This application was designed to run on a Raspberry Pi so external inputs could be used, this also made the solution inexpensive.

    Audio Visual

    Automation Systems

    Audio visual automation system code for both commercial and residential system.
    As mentioned above I started my software development career off in software development and I am still working in the field. I program the flowing control systems AMX, Crestron, Savant and RTI.

    I have written a range of solutions from small one room solutions to large multi location systems. I have written software applications for many different industries. For more information please contact me.